General Contractor - Specialty Tradesperson- Craft Laborer


Stack & Tier is a Washington State general contractor (STACKT*827B5) with a focus on residential and commercial, repairs and improvements and is structured as a sole proprietorship. The principal, Karl Erdmann, is a participating member of the ICC, a licensed a real estate broker (140888), and has a background working with general and specialty contractors, laborers, project manaegers, designers, estimators, surveyors, and engineers. All services have a money back 90 day service warranty. Read a few third party verified customer reviews here.

Anatomy of Service Concentrations

Charts are an approximate based on revenue from a partner marketplace facilitator. Last updated: 4/2020

Service Examples

Current Rates

A certain amount of consultation, planning, design, and estimation is available for free remotely, in-person visits are offered as a billable service. Please consider booking an appoint via the scheduling button on the navigation bar at the top of this page. Find a limited number of estimates for standard services offered above in the "Services" section.

We're happy to assist at any point in a projects process including planning and design. For smaller projects or strict budgets, it is most affordable if the products or materials are pre-ordered and/or available on site for the day of the appointment.

Generally estimates are more accurate when details on the project are available. For example, product manuals, material specifications, or an interior designers/architects/engineers designs, measurements, elevations and plans. For specific estimate requests, please reach out via the instant chat window, contact form, email, or phone (please leave a voicemail). If an existing estimate is available from another provider, please submit details for price match consideration.

As one of the first, trusted preferred providers for the largest, high volume eCommerce platform, we have seen many estimates available for standardized services over the years. Beware of marketing promises made from departments removed from the work in the field and significant addtional markups on products and materials not mentioned. A few of the most common causes of price adjustments include; required adjustments for service provider provided materials needed in order to provide a safe solution for the specific constructed environment or a desired design approach (which is often required to allow a contractor to include a warranty on the service), price adjustments due to vaguely defined scopes of work, etc.

Having difficulties with the appointment form / scheduling application? Please request an appointment via telephone/email/text and click the following button to submit an appointment commitment deposit:

Low-income clients may request services at proportional reduced rates. Please reference government HUD income limits and be willing to submit verification.